2024’s Jaye Nash from Memphis breaks out and talks recruiting

Memphis continues to hide elite-level talent.

On guard duty, Briarcrest Christian now has two very successful Floor Generals who have stumbled upon the program. Two years ago, Kennedy Chandler of Tennessee, who is now projected as a first-round pick in this year’s draft, burst onto the scene with Briarcrest before leaving for Sunrise Christian Academy for his senior year.

Now? The Saints have one of the most underrated guards in all of America and one of the best live first-period players.

His name is Jaye Nash. He is 6-foot-2 and weighs 170 pounds and has been recognized as one of the best players in the state of Tennessee. A little over a year ago, Nash began attracting local interest from schools like Ole Miss and Memphis.

Just a year later, Nash now has offers and interest from schools across the country. It’s likely due to his stellar play on the Adidas Tour last weekend while running for the Arkansas Hawks. The coaches are a big fan of Nash’s reliability on the court as well as his NBA lineup, as well as his ability to make plays.

Last weekend, he recorded two double-doubles, including a 14-point, 10-assist performance past schools like Arizona, LSU, as well as Illinois and Texas Tech, both of which ended up expanding to Nash a scholarship offer after the weekend ended.

Nash discussed these new deals and all of his new interests, as well as his game, with Stockrisers.com.

Which schools are heavily involved?

“Illinois, Arkansas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss and Alabama have reached out the most.”

What are the newer schools?

“Illinois and Texas Tech.”

What was Illinois’ pitch and what do you think of their offer?

“My ability to score and the way I facilitate the attack [stood out to them]. I was super excited, I was on my way home from the trip, and my dad called and told me I got the offer, and I was just super excited because of the magnitude of their program.

What do you know about them?

“I know they’re one of the biggest programs in college basketball. They put Ayo Dosunmu in the league last year. A few years ago, Leron Black, who comes from my hometown of Memphis , committed to it. They’re just a great program.

How about Texas Tech, any thoughts on them?

“It’s also a very good program. They hit the Sweet 16, and I know they strive on defense, and as much as I love offense, I love playing defense as well. That’s what I love about their program.

What about a school like Alabama?

“I like the coach [Nate] Oats style of play. He lets go of his guards. And even though he’s a tough coach, it’s because he wants the best from his players, and I like playing under a coach who shows he cares about his players no matter how they express it. .

Visiting plans?

“Not yet as I can’t make official visits as I am a 2024 prospect, but I will definitely visit places that interest me.”

Now talking about hoops, how would you break down Jaye Nash’s game?

“I feel like a pass-first PG, but I can get a bucket whenever it’s needed. I like to make my teammates better and open them up. I am also a very good defender with the ball.

And what areas of your game would you like to improve during the AAU Ball?

“I would like to improve on the subject of being more vocal and coming off the screens ready to attack and dissect the defence.”

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