Adidas is bringing its Halo concept store to Toronto this year

The iconic athleisure company has some exciting news. Adidas will open its Canadian concept store Halo in Toronto.

Dubai launched the first such store last year, but the one in Toronto will be the biggest yet.

It will span over 12,000 square feet and provide a fully immersive customer experience with a lounge, personal shopping space, community activation zone, and more.

The Dubai store even has a “Marker Lab” space where customers can actually participate in designing their own items. Fingers crossed that this is something we Torontonians can look forward to as well.

Of course, all of the additional customer experience components are great, but the Halo store will also emphasize sustainability, innovation, and the women’s department.

Adidas said in a Release“Drawing inspiration from the city’s mosaic where art, culture and diversity meet, the new store will highlight sustainability through an urban landscape lens.”

There is no set date yet for the official opening of the Adidas halo store, but it is expected to take place in June.

It will occupy the space in the Eaton Center where Urban Planet and Forever21 used to call home.

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James T. Quintero