Adidas news is “probably a big thing” [Video]

Adidas news is “probably a big thing” [Video]

The latest Adidas news has been in the headlines since Adidas Originals tweeted that they are partnering with Coinbase to accept cryptocurrency payments. This is actually evidence of increased adoption of cryptocurrencies by traditional businesses.

If it’s ‘probably nothing’ the SandBox partnership is something big as NFTs are poised to be the next advertising tool and the potential is huge as the market for digital advertising is huge!

In mainstream market news, the market mood is pretty good after the FOMC minutes, although the Federal Reserve (Fed) minutes showed that US policymakers are now considering a faster cut in QE and higher prices. interest rate sooner if inflation continues to rise.

The US 2-year yield continues to climb amid rising expectations of a Fed tightening policy, but the appetite for US equities is not too affected. The Nasdaq, which is said to be most sensitive to higher rates, closed yesterday’s session higher than other major U.S. indices, while gold slipped below $ 1,800 an ounce as the rise returns increases the opportunity cost of holding non-interest-bearing gold at a time when the risk recovery promises greater returns to investors investing in risky assets.

James T. Quintero