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Tyler Blevins – known to millions simply as ‘Ninja’ – has achieved mainstream star status as the most popular player in the world.

With over 65 million fans on social media, Ninja entertains thousands daily with its mix of gaming and entertainment content. As the figurehead of popular gaming site Twitch, Ninja often livestreams thousands of fans, playing games from Fortnite to Valorant to League of Legends.

As the first player ever featured on the cover of ESPN the Magazine, Ninja often performs with sports stars like Juju Smith and Baker Mayfield along with musicians like Marshmello and Dillon Francis.

Ninja has redefined what it means to be a gamer by becoming a hero to millions around the world. His story is of a young man from Chicago who saw more for himself and for his passion, so he persevered to turn a hobby into a career and a lifestyle. Through a defining partnership with adidas, he demonstrated that the game takes skill, passion and dedication to reach new heights, and he continues to break records. It proves on a daily basis that gamers are today’s athletes, and that they must be watched.

Ninja continues to redefine entertainment as a professional gamer, entrepreneur, competitor, professional athlete, and tastemaker/designer, through its partnership with adidas and apparel on He is also an active philanthropist who organizes charity streams that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ninja has supported organizations working on suicide prevention and Alzheimer’s disease research – issues of great personal importance. Who better to tell his story than a close friend, Juju Smith-Schuster?

James T. Quintero