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Bollywood superstar and youth icon Ranveer Singh is a cultural phenomenon – an actor, a true fashion icon, the face of Indian hip hop, an entrepreneurial artist – he is a true disruptor and a true blue game changer in the field of entertainment in India.

A rank outsider, self-taught in the entertainment industry, Ranveer has made a name for himself in Indian film history over the course of a decade with his incredible era-defining performances.

Ranveer only sees the doors open – then walks right through them. In India, a prominent man in the movies is colloquially referred to as a “hero”, and that comes with expectations – a “hero”, in this sense, represents contemporary culture and echoes the spirit of the youth. Ranveer is that hero today. His mark of fearlessness and ferocity resonates deeply with the country’s youth who yearn to rise above their fate, who dreams of breaking glass ceilings on the strength of their own merit.

His unique, quirky and totally unconventional public persona broke stereotypes not only to challenge cultural expectations, but also to shape pop culture today. As a true icon of youth, he shone the spotlight of a huge nation on him and he gripped it with both hands, seeing possibilities of being a shining example for society, of redefining heroism and to inspire a nation to speak out without fear. and / or inhibition.

Her endorsement of fluid gender fashion influenced an entire generation and awakened a spirit of cultural liberation in the country.

He’s also a music icon – a pioneer of Indian hip hop who starred in the box office blockbuster “Gully Boy” and has now created an artist collective IncInk – a platform that helps talented musicians across the country to shine on the world stage.

James T. Quintero