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Gloves may seem like the simplest area of ​​motorcycle clothing, but the subject is more nuanced if you take a closer look. New riders can take the leap and buy the first pair that’s right for them, but there’s more than just a good fit for a deal breaker.

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Heat is always a concern when it comes to motorcycle clothing; with protective gear and armor, there’s more weight and padding, allowing things to heat up a bit easily. No one wants to be sweaty under all that clothing, especially when it comes to their hands – the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling their bike.

Riders who live in warmer regions or who ride in the summer months may find it beneficial to opt for a low-rise cuff just around the wrist; this allows a small gap between the gloves and the jacket which allows air to circulate. If that’s not an option, most gloves now feature some sort of mesh chassis that promotes airflow.

Material is another factor when considering overall warmth and comfort. Street gloves designed for short trips or commuting are usually made of lighter materials, while racing and cruising gloves are made of heavier textiles and leather. These thicker materials often have less flexibility and need to be worn for a period of time.

Apart from strict comfort, there are certain characteristics that a glove could have that sets it apart from others. For example, riders confident enough to ride in the rain may want waterproof materials. Riders who operate in extremely cold environments can spend extra money on battery-operated heated gloves.

One feature that some companies have started implementing in their riding gloves over the past few years is touchscreen accessible material. Motorcycling and especially cross-country riding has become much safer for motorcyclists in the current era, as most motorcyclists have access to instant mapping and emergency services through their mobile phones. Many buy phone mounts so they can use their cell phones as handlebar-mounted GPS devices or instrument clusters.

Joe Rocket Seeker Glove

Joe Rocket’s Seeker glove, for example, incorporates SmartTouch conductive material on the index fingers of the glove, allowing riders to access the touchscreen without removing them. This is beneficial for cyclists who may need to make quick adjustments on the go without having to park on the side of the road.

The Seeker Gloves also feature injection molded knuckle armor, protecting the most vulnerable part of the hand and allowing other areas to breathe. If you’re thinking of paying a little more for your riding gloves, it’s a good idea to find a pair that offers good comfort and great functionality – and puts safety first!

James T. Quintero