Avery Dennison adds new green features to its cloud of connected products

Avery Dennison has announced new features for its atma.io platform that will help brands become more sustainable in all aspects of the supply chain. | Image courtesy of Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Company announced new features for its atma.io cloud of connected products that will help change the way brands reduce waste across the supply chain.

Currently, more than 22 billion items are managed by the platform across the apparel, retail, food, and healthcare industries. Six of the world’s top 20 apparel brands by revenue use the platform, including Adidas.

The spring release of atma.io focuses on sustainability and waste management by including a new feature, Real-time Carbon Impact Analytics, which provides data-driven insights into the carbon footprint of a brand and his products. Real-time waste disposal tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze supply chain issues and inefficiencies, including product movement at the pallet or individual item level in a warehouse.

“We live in an ever-changing, data-driven world where constant access to accurate and timely information is critical to achieving productivity and sustainability goals. The Spring 22 release of atma.io will enable businesses to gain meaningful insights from data that often sits in silos, empowering them to make informed, real-time decisions that can dramatically transform their business agility and accelerate their performance on bottom line, people, planet and profit,” said Max Winograd, vice president, connected products at Avery Dennison Smartrac.

Other features in the spring release include sustainability facility ratings and expiration calls, global inventory tracking that tracks inventory through the supply chain, and loss prevention and purchase order tracking.

The company recently launched its latest full-service ecosystem for product branding called Embelex, which provides a range of embellishment products and services to fashion and apparel brands as well as sports organizations and teams. .

“Speed ​​and scalability are at the heart of Embelex. Brands and organizations want to personalize products, but they also want on-demand manufacturing, just-in-time delivery and as little waste as possible to meet their sustainability credentials,” said Steve Mason, Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA and Americas @ Avery Dennison and Embelex lead.

James T. Quintero