Duke basketball product Kyrie Irving could start his own shoe company

Next summer, unless extensions are first signed, former Duke Basketball One-and-Don and current Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving will be an unrestricted free agent in more ways than one.

On Wednesday, Pat Benson of FanNation’s Kicks on SI.com — a go-to destination for sneakerheads — broke down a handful of potential options for future shoeless agent Irving. A few possibilities he presented, including the following, seem right up the alley of the notoriously nonconforming and freethinking NBA Blue Devil:

“Kyrie Irving could always start his own sneaker company. Other NBA players like Spencer Dinwiddie and Langston Galloway successfully created their own line of sneakers. There was even a rumor that Kobe Bryant thought about starting his own. own sneaker company after his contract expired in 2020. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the full story behind this rumor, and that option seems just as plausible as any other action Irving might take.

As Benson pointed out, Nike could yet renew the seven-time All-Star’s contract, which expires after the 2022-23 season.

However, it’s safe to assume the company won’t soon forget Irving’s Instagram post last year that called the latest iteration of its Nike sneaker “trash.”

On that note, in May, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski reported the improbability that both parties extend their business relationship.

Of course, Irving’s fate next season — a potential trade with the Los Angeles Lakers to reunite with LeBron James remains a hot topic on social media — may determine how many chips the top-30 point guard years holds in the footwear market. .

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Although he’s offended many with his comments and personality, Irving’s footwear has remained profitable since Nike launched its first signature sneaker eight years ago. So imagine how popular his kicks would be, regardless of brand, if he and James won another title together, but this time in Los Angeles instead of Cleveland (2016).

Another off the beaten path idea for Duke basketball product Kyrie Irving

Pat Benson also analyzed Kyrie Irving’s potential fits with Adidas, PUMA, Under Armor and several others. His last proposed option, however, seems to align perfectly with the freestyle general’s individuality and, therefore, might just be the best path to bet on:

“Speaking of Kobe Bryant, it’s not inconceivable that Kyrie Irving won’t sign another sneaker deal. The NBA is full of players who wear all the shoes they want every night. A notable example is Boston Celtics goaltender Jaylen Brown.

With his career earnings from player deals alone expected to top $200 million in 2022-23, it’s reasonable to think Kyrie Irving could opt for total foot freedom over another shoe deal fulfilled. restrictions.

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James T. Quintero