Foot Locker flagship store presents a first in Europe

Trison UK has installed Europe’s ‘first’ clear glass high-brightness LED display that showcases new products’ in Foot Locker’s flagship store on the Champs Elysées, Paris.

Signage is just one of many digital technologies installed, as the digital signage integrator worked closely with the retailer’s customer experience, visual merchandising, marketing and construction teams over a period of of 11 months.

Other digital technologies on display in the new 1,500m² store include:

  • Custom digital striper bot avatar
  • Complex content strategy, synchronized across the store and aligned with marketing strategy
  • A Foot Locker metaverse experience, linked to all content items
  • An immersive and interactive floor-controlled LED game, leading to a store-wide QR code quest, unlocking a “prize locker”
  • LED digital surfaces integrated into the architectural design, enhancing brand stories
  • New concept of selfie experience, localized in Paris using custom fit
  • Transparent HYPE box with new drops
  • Digital experiences triggered across the store

All motion graphics for the store were delivered by Trison’s London studio.

In a LinkedIn postPeter Critchley, Trison UK Managing Director for Customer Experience, Digital Strategy and Transformation, said: “This incredible space sets a whole new standard for in-store design, experiential retail and storytelling. of high marks.”

Foot Locker opened on the Champs-Elysées in 2017selling brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila and Jordan, and hosting a space dedicated to basketball in collaboration with Nike.

James T. Quintero