Jack & Jones launches its first product made with Spinnova fibers – Sourcing Journal

The two-year-old joint product development partnership between the Finnish fiber manufacturer Spinnova and the Danish clothing conglomerate Bestseller finally paid off fashion.

Bestseller, which produces the Vero Moda, Only and Noisy May labels among more than 18 others, has released the first product of the collaborationmen’s trousers for its biggest brand, jack jones. The pants are called Bill Revolver Wide Chino and are made of 20% Spinnova fiber, 20% BCI cotton and 60% organic cotton. They’re available online and on single-brand and wholesale accounts globally for $69.99 and come in ecru or pink.

Spinnova has developed a patented technology to make textile fibers from wood or waste, such as leather, textile or agricultural waste, without harmful chemicals. Its fibers create no waste and secondary flows or microplastics, and their CO2 emissions and water consumption are minimal. They are rapidly biodegradable and have the same feel as natural fibers such as cotton or linen.

Spinnova’s first commercial product made with a Spinnova blend was launched this year with Adidas and ON. The first is the Terrex HS1 Mid-Size Hoodie made with at least 30% Spinnova fibers. The latter, the first from the H&M group to use this fiber, is a men’s overshirt made of 18% Spinnova fiber and 82% cotton from sustainable sources.

The partnership between Bestseller and Spinnova was matched by the fashion for good initiative that brings together like-minded businesses. These pants and the resulting pants are part of Bestseller’s sustainability strategy called Fashion FWD. One of its goals is to bring new branded and certified fibers to market by 2025.

“At Jack & Jones, we believe in a better way to make clothes. We strive to innovate and explore processes and materials with less impact on the environment,” said Elena Osenbrüg, Head of Development sustainability at Jack & Jones.” In Spinnova, we have found a strong partner to step up. After visiting Spinnova’s factory in Finland, seeing how flawless the fiber production is and working closely with our team of purchase to create a centerpiece, I am delighted to see the first Jack & Jones product made with Spinnova fiber on the market.

“Bestseller is one of our long-term brand partners and we are pleased to be an integral part of their ambitious sustainability strategy, Fashion FWD, in the 70 markets in which they operate,” said Spinnova CEO, Kim Poulsen. “That’s why it’s great to see the launch of their first product with Spinnova fiber which is now available to all of their consumers.”

This product launch is an important step in Spinnova’s strategy planned growth. Its first commercial-scale factory is expected to be completed in Finland at the end of this year. Together with its investor and joint venture partner Suzano, Spinnova, which was founded in January 2015, aims to increase its global production to one million tonnes of sustainable fibers per year over the next 10 to 12 years.

James T. Quintero