Lewisham: Sydenham girl found safe

An 11-year-old girl has disappeared from Sydenham and police say she is at risk of becoming agitated if approached.

Police are asking people to call 999 immediately if she is seen.

Faeyaleescia was last seen wearing a gray Adidas tank top, black leggings, and it’s believed she wasn’t wearing shoes.

If you have any other information or see it, contact the police quoting reference number 3686/08MAY22.

Lewisham MPS tweeted: “#MISSING | Have you seen Faeyaleescia?

“She is 11 and missing from #Sydenham.

“Last seen wearing gray Adidas tank top, black leggings, no shoes.

“Like to become agitated if approached, so please contact police on 999 if you see him, quote CAD 3686/08MAY22”

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James T. Quintero