Micah Robinson, the junior entering the Top 25, talks about his recruitment and his game

If you watch Micah Robinson’s game, you know he stands out. Are you talking about a willful player who will do whatever it takes to win? It’s Robinson.

Southern California Micah Robinson, This is. The 6-foot-7 wingerwho says he gained weight and anywhere 215-220 poundsis emerging as a top 25 prospect in the Class of 2024. Coaches are thrilled with his spunky style of play and his ability to adapt to almost any system.

He’s been playing 17U basketball for a while now and has been a prospect that has grown in popularity over the past few months.

The start of the contact period was a highlight for him. You knew what programs were going to hit the regions, but you also expected certain national powers to enter the mix, which they did.

Robinson was born in Kansasthen moved to Texas around the second class. So from the start, you expected the fair share of schools in Texas to reach out and you also expected the possibility of Kansas reaching out.

That’s what they did.

Many schools have done this. Now Robinson is at Adidas Period Live event and says he feels his defense stood out early for him. He also believes he plays much more effectively on the offensive side. His team Southern Assault beat Compton Magic and now faces Team Loaded VA in a huge match today.

He axed it when recruiting with Stockrisers.com and threw several nuggets on his game as well.

Which schools are strongly involved from the start?

“So far, I’ve spoken to LSU the most, but schools like Texas A&M, Kansas State, Kansas, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and TCU are schools I’ve spoken to more than once.”

New schools have entered your recruitment in recent days?

“Yes, I recently heard from Texas and Oklahoma.”

What is LSU’s pitch, your thoughts and is a visit in the works?

“Between Coach Toppert and Coach Hamilton, I probably talk to them, whether it’s text or phone, two to three times a week. Most of the time it’s just small talk, they usually check on me and ask how the basketball is going and things like that. Kind of the first steps in forming that player-coach connection. And right now I’m focusing on the live period coming up next week, but after that I thought about trying to arrange a tour to go there.

Texas technology?

“Yeah, so I took an unofficial there earlier last year. And I’ve been in touch with Coach Pinkins, pretty much the same, just small talk and checking, things like that.

What do you think of Kansas State, the new staff and the new culture?

“I’ve been in touch with Coach Maligi, we’ve texted a few times, and when he called me the first time he said with the new staff and everything, they were trying to build the program into a championship program, and he told me he believed my skills and abilities could contribute to that.

What do you think of the career path(s)?

“I think it’s a good opportunity, being able to play against the pros is a really good way to test where you are and refine your game. Whether it’s OTE or like the G League, if the opportunity arises at I would be open to that, but, to date, I haven’t heard from anyone like that.

Are visits planned?

“With many live periods to come, I haven’t really contacted the coaches yet to visit them, I’m just trying to get through these next few weeks, taking care of what I need to take care of, so I plan to make a few visits, whether unofficial or official, eventually.

How would you best break down your game?

“I would say all around. Being 6-foot-7, 220 pounds and also able to play guard, that gives me an edge because of all the opportunities I can create. I also believe that I am a very good defender, and being able to go from one to four, or even from one to five depending on the team, is a valuable tool that I have that can help a team in many ways.

Your new head coach, Julius V, any thoughts?

“Well, I’ve actually only worked with him once when he was here coaching other players, so I haven’t really worked with him yet, but from what I’ve Of course, I’m happy to get to work with him to see where my game is going.

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