M&Ms is dating Adidas

Sportswear brand Adidas has collaborated with confectionery brand M&M’s to release a limited-edition sneaker called Originals Forum Lo 84, inspired by the chocolate brand’s distinctive packaging.

The trainers feature yellow rubberized leather completed with 3-Stripe TPU branding and a high heel. Both are drawn on the packaging of the M&M’s Peanut variant. The letter “M” is perforated on both ends and a removable M&M’s brand flag is attached to the lacing.

Plus, each pair of sneakers comes with a set of accessories: six pairs of laces, 19 lace jewels, three pairs of alternative straps, and seven different Velcro chocolate candy lenses.

According to Adidas, the sneakers also come packaged in a bright yellow co-branded box inspired by the popular M&M’s Peanut variant packaging to match the playful look.

“The M&M’s brand has a long-standing commitment to bringing people together by creating colorful fun for all, as part of our mission to create a word that everyone belongs in,” said Jane Hwang, vice president of the global marketing at Mars Wrigley.

“Mars is proud to celebrate fans from all communities through this collab, which is also customizable, allowing sneaker and candy fans…personal expression.”

The new Adidas Originals Forum Lo 84 M&M’s trainers are available for purchase worldwide through the Adidas website and from selected retailers.

James T. Quintero