New vintage clothing store in Corby

Adam Chandler, co-owner of BLOC Vintage, inside the new Corby store

A new vintage clothing store will open in Corby for the first time tomorrow.

BLOC Vintage, opening a shop in Trevithick Road, sells vintage clothing and accessories from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.

They offer a variety of different brands from Adidas to Umbro in sizes for kids up to XXL and also offer customers the thrill of buying a mystery box, which could contain absolutely anything on their website.

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Adam Chandler, co-owner of BLOC Vintage, in front of the new Corby store

BLOC Vintage was founded by Adam Chandler and his girlfriend Emilie Rice in 2014 and was born out of a love for charity shop visits.

Initially they would go to charity shops and sell whatever pieces they could find, but thousands of saved items later, the passion for keeping clothes in the fashion cycle has grown their small business tremendously.

Since 2014, they’ve given over 150,000 items another chance to be loved and have over 7,000 unique items in stock with new items added daily.

Their best customer is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and they have also sold to Fearne Cotton as well as shipping to Buckingham Palace.

Adam said he thought it was good to see that with all that money they are still choosing to be sustainable.

Sustainability is a big part of the business as they want to help combat ‘fast fashion’, an industry business model of mass producing clothing at low cost.

Adam said: “The new generation is buying more sustainably and what we offer is unique, of much higher quality and helps fight fast fashion.

“People want to stand out and have something original and what we’re selling, a lot of it that you’ll probably never see again. [because it’s so rare].”

In store, they make sure to be as eco-friendly as possible, printing all flyers on recycled paper and only offering email receipts.

They also offer their own range, BLOC Supplies, which they plan to make more sustainable, as well as recycling and reworking damaged garments into new ones.

Visit their website to know more.

The store opens tomorrow at 10 a.m.

James T. Quintero