Next stop: The new Adidas store has a changing room that looks like ‘L’ Station – Wicker Park – Chicago

Local influence at Adidas Originals
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WICKER PARK – Ding-dong, closing the doors: the new Adidas Originals store has a dressing room that looks like an “L” station.

The mirror in the room looks like the door between the wagons and the bench looks like the one found in CTA stations. A black and white photo of the L runs adds to the ambience. And the walls are covered with brushed steel, similar to train cars.

Located at 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave., the store has other artistic touches.

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The walls feature paintings by the artist from South Side Tubsz. According to Shoe News, Chicago-based nonprofit iPaintMyMind will showcase the art of local artists and edit the work quarterly. A “community wall” is a place where customers can interact, share, and learn about local events, shows, and product releases.

In front of the store, there is a massive sculpture using materials salvaged by the artist known as Pose.

Pose sculpture at the front of the store. [DNAinfo/Alisa Hauser]

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“We are continually inspired by Chicago, and the store allows us to celebrate the pioneering culture and creativity the city has to offer,” Pascha Naderi-Nejad, director of Adidas, said in a statement.

James T. Quintero