Online martial arts supply store announces Mother’s Day sale in May

Online martial arts supply store has announced that it will be hosting a Mother’s Day sale in May. A spokesperson for the company said they are “very excited to announce the Mother’s Day Sale, as it will give all of its valued customers who are interested in martial arts, sword fighting, in sparring, training, and other high-intensity sports a chance to pick up the items they’ve always wanted for a deep discount.

In the next sale, one of the most popular items in the store, foam covered padded swords, can be purchased at a $5 discount with coupon code “5OFF”. The padded swords named “Combat Sword – vinyl padded” weigh 2 pounds, come in two tipped colors, red or blue, and come in four lengths, 18″ (small), 24″ (medium), 36″ (large) ), and 43″ (extra large). Lightweight competition swords are made with a PVC core for smooth flexibility and are covered in heavy-duty black vinyl. also has several other padded swords for sale on its website. The Foam Daito is a lightweight practice weapon with a hardwood core covered with a 1/8″ thick black foam skin that comes complete with a plastic four lobe (tsuba) guard and is perfect for start kata training. It weighs 2 pounds and comes in two sizes, 28″ (small) and 40″ (large). The store also offers the Action Bat, a PVC-based training weapon coated with Sturdy and balanced black vinyl for optimal use The Action Bat is available in three different sizes that simulate different weapon weights, from short swords and staffs to long two-handed weapons The Action Bat is perfect for confront or practice disarming.

The online store’s spokesperson also spoke about the recent surge in interest in the art of sword fighting, saying, “We always receive a surge of interest in our store’s products as a pop culture artifact captures the attention of the zeitgeist and brings this age. -old form of self-defense back in the public consciousness. For example, the upcoming release of the new Star Wars limited series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has sparked interest among kids who want to replicate the excitement of wielding a lightsaber like their favorite heroes. Another example is the recent success of the live-action version of the classic Disney animated film Mulan, which captured the richness of Chinese culture so well that it sparked children’s interest in foam-stuffed swords. When kids have their hearts and minds set on a toy they absolutely want, parents are helpless and will do their best to find the safest versions for them, just so their kids can fulfill their fantasies. in a controlled and harmless manner. way. If they come to us, they will find that their needs will be met with high-end, foam-covered padded swords that have been designed for a younger demographic and are completely safe to handle by children of a reasonable age. age. So if you’re a parent struggling with the same conundrum, visit to find the perfect gift for your youngsters. If you are a cosplayer or a martial arts enthusiast, we also have many other great items in our online inventory and some are bound to be what you have been looking for. contains a wide range of martial arts related items in several categories such as accessories, decorations, body armor, books, canvas punch bags, double ended balls, speedballs, DVDs, VHS Videos, Combat Clothing, Sportswear, Focusmaster, Judo Gi, Judo Uniforms, Karate Gi, Karate Uniforms, Karate Belts, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai Equipment, Patches, safety and security, school hygiene, shields and targets, t-shirts, training equipment, Wing Chun dummies, combat equipment, Wavemaster, weapons and gift certificates. The store also categorizes items by the various brands it stocks, including Adidas, AWMA, Century, Dragon Well (Lungchuan), Everlast, Independent, KWON, Oasis, PDT-TRAINING, Security Plus, Tiger Claw, and Tokaido Japan.


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