Opening of a men’s fashion boutique at the YK Center

A new fashion boutique has opened, replacing the old For Men Only store on the lower level of the YK Center building.

YK XO Street Fashion, which held its grand opening on May 2, offers a wide variety of items, including button-down shirts, suits, belts and flat-brimmed hats.

Aron Desta Abadi, owner and operator of the store, had been planning the opening of the store for “a long time” and is thrilled to finally see it become a reality.

“A large part of the community came to support us. I’m super happy for that,” he said. “I had a sports store (stuff) with runners and that sort of thing. Now I’m glad there’s a bigger store.

The store always has runners for those looking, like Nike and Adidas.

Despite officially opening on Monday, the store had technically done a soft open about a week and a half earlier to test the waters.

Although initial attendance was good, the pace has slowed down a bit, but the staff and owner are hoping word of mouth will help kick-start traffic.

“I think it’s just that people don’t know we’re open,” said employee Byron Meyer.

YK XO Street Fashion is filling a niche with the closure of For Men Only, according to Meyer.

“It’s so hard to find quality clothes,” he said.

James T. Quintero