Pet Shop Loot Sniffer Attack [VIDEO]

Pet Shop Loot Sniffer Attack [VIDEO]
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If you listen to Relationship or Reality Hour, you know the reality is that we live in weird times where people have weird fetishes. Some people like toes, but a man in Texas would love to sniff the butts of unsuspecting people in the pet store.

A reported man likes to sniff butts and the camera doesn’t lie.

A video surveillance was posted and went viral of a man dressed in sneakers, black track pants and a gray Adidas hoodie, appears to be relaxing leaning against a shelf in a pet store when a few feet away, a customer pushes a shopping cart while the other examines the shelf at the front of the cart. As soon as the women started moving down the aisle, the man quickly followed behind, staying inches away. When the woman started having a conversation with someone else, the man crouched down and leaned over the buttocks of the woman who was pushing the cart, and took a nice semi-long drag.

I wonder how long the store knew about their customer sniffing the booty and was it part of their daily routine?

Take a look at the loot sniffer attack in the viral video below.

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