Predators, Blue Jackets New Reverse Retro Jerseys Leaked – SportsLogos.Net News

It was inevitable that on the eve of its league-wide unveiling, some NHL Reverse Retro 2022-23 jerseys would start leaking.

Today, that honor goes to two of the NHL’s millennial franchises, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Nashville Predators.

Starting with the older of the two clubs, the Nashville Predators 2022-23 Reverse Retro Jersey was leaked on Twitter by @LBJerseys; looked…


The design is a modern recolor of the mustard Predators third jersey originally worn from 2001-02 through 2006-07, with some minor changes to match the cut of the Adidas Adizero jersey.

The logo appears to be the same; even the extra orange and blue coloring remains despite modern Preds branding removing all of their extra colors. The original shoulder patches (a fossilized saber-toothed tiger skull) are also carried over to this design, as are the silver, navy and white stripe patterns on each sleeve and around the waist.

The biggest change is the discontinuation of the base’s original “mustard” color, replacing it with the current, brighter Predators gold. The collar has also changed from the square to the usual collar style of 2022; as mentioned earlier, this is due to the limitations of the Adidas Adizero jersey fit.


The Columbus Blue Jackets have also returned to a recolored version of an early 2000s alternate jersey, and we saw it in preview thanks to a Tweet from @Icethetics.

Originally worn from 2003 to 2007, the then-Blue Jackets third jersey featured the all-new (now long-used) Ohio State Banner logo wrapped around a star-shaped of letter “C” on the chest. “CBJ” branding on one shoulder, alternative union cap logo on the other, with three white stars on each sleeve.

The 2022-23 Reverse Retro Edition replicates this design quite faithfully, featuring the same shoulder patches, jersey crest and stripe style, but drops the black stripes on each sleeve in favor of their modern steel blue.

You will notice that with the Predators and Blue Jackets uniforms, the teams will wear a retro reversed version of the NHL league logo, the Modern Shield colored in the retro black and orange colors. A nice touch!

Stay tuned later today as the teams are expected to release a series of teaser images ahead of the full reveal, which is expected to take place tomorrow morning.

James T. Quintero