Product description pages – sticky right column? – Design & UX – SitePoint Forums

It seems to me that for the desktop view of a product detail page, it makes perfect sense to make the right column (the one with the critical info, above the fold) sticky…assuming those critical items don’t not sink under the fold (which they shouldn’t).

Adidas does ( and Ikea does it too ( but no luck imo, because it’s quite easy to get the CTA button under the fold, but I haven’t seen it in many other stores and wonder why? I couldn’t find any data to back this up, but my gut says the longer and more prominent an “add to cart” button is, the more likely it is to be clicked (assuming the overall design “works” with this layout)… but maybe I’m wrong?

I know some stores place quite a bit of detailed product information and maybe don’t want to detract from the appeal of the nice design or just want all that horizontal space for said design/content but for a store with a set of products with predictable and sparse product information that can certainly hold all of the critical information in that column above the fold (not that it wouldn’t take more than a little bit of JavaScript to detect if/when not not fit and remove stick behavior), are there any arguments against using this approach?

James T. Quintero