The discount comes to Sears; 20 pesos less on this Adidas product

  • In 2021, the figures of e-commerce They were over 401.3 billion pesos in Mexico.

  • Adobe data estimates that there has been a 20% increase in the purchase format of e-commerce,

  • In Mexico, according to INEGI data, there are more than 80 million Internet users connected to the network, all of them potential online buyers.

As always, at the end of the year, the stores prepare for the sales season and within this framework, Sears launches a “curious” offer for the Adidas product brand.

With the advent of the pandemic, new consumption habits have emerged, especially among those born with, in other words, the burgeoning satin urgency.

Of course and as is well known, one of the main localized tendencies within the community was e-commercei.e. online shopping, which occurs as a result of store closures Due to the lethality of COVID-19, they have acted as an important escape valve for businesses.

According to data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), Online sales represent more than 401.3 billion pesos in 2021, an increase of 27% compared to 2020From this point of view, it is not known whether Instagram’s decision was correct.

On the other hand, consulting firm Adobe estimates that in 2021 alone, e-commerce There was a 20% increase, which in the numbers is $4.2 billion in sales.,

The rise of this type of purchase has grown to such an extent that even social networks such as tiktok, youtube, twitterInternet users, among other things, have been optimized to provide a different experience.

Similarly, we are talking about a scenario in which Sites like Amazon (the so-called e-commerce giant), Mercado Libre, Linio are presented as important alternatives. For consumers who have seen a prominent place in the digital channel.

And it is that we must not forget that, according to information from DataReportal, approximately five billion users worldwide connected to the Internet,

In contrast, in Mexico, Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) They point out that there is an online community of just over 80 million users, a figure indicating that in terms of connections there is an interesting niche of consumers online.

Sears, ready for the sales season: 20 pesos less for this Adidas product

So, like at the end of every year, deals and discounts start pouring into the store, and this time Sears has a “curious” offer ready for an Adidas-branded product.

through your website, Sears is selling a set from the German brand for 1,579 Mexican pesos; However, its original price is 1,599 pesos, which is 20 pesos less.As the following picture shows.

It is known that we live in a time when, in practice, the global society has become very dependent on the Internet, which translates into a marked preference for online shopping and various channels. e-commerce,

However, what will never change is that consumers are looking for the best prices, whether at traditional (face-to-face) or digital (online shopping) outlets.

With this information in mind, It is clear that a discount of less than 20 pesos cannot be qualified as an exceptional offer or a significant discount.However, in the end, the consumer has the say.

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James T. Quintero