Top 50 incoming junior Dedan Thomas Jr. talks about his recruitment

It’s been quite the summer for the Liberty High School star Dedan Thomas Jr.. The 6 feet Nevada guard has been a very enticing prospect for the Class of 2024 coaches. He plays his AAU ball for Dream Vision and has been nothing but impressive for the past few weeks.

The success started when he showed flashes throughout the season in his second season. He finished with totals of 13.3 points and 5.6 assistsand pulled almost 50% of the land. Pretty good from the starting PG, who played a climactic part of a state championship last season.

He also became a highly touted rookie. UNLV was his first scholarship offer due to the fact that 1) he is a local star 2) he is becoming a national star 3) his father played and attended UNLV. Makes all the sense that they became his first offer.

Since it became this national commodity. Win offers from schools like Arizona, USC, Floridaand more recently, Gonzaga.

Schools find intrigue in a guard with an elite IQ like Thomas Jr, and he can also be a scoring threat. For what it’s worth, he scored 39 points in a game two years ago.

That being said, he talked about his recruiting and playing with Learn about the devious good guard who I believe can push five-star status.

Which schools are heavily involved?

“Houston, Arizona, UNLV, Florida, Gonzaga, among others.”

New areas of interest?

“Arkansas and Stanford. Gonzaga is also fairly new.

Have any of the professional routes contacted you?

“The G-League Ignite has been in touch.”

What is Houston’s pitch and what do you think?

“They are very family oriented, just like me, and I really like the coaching staff. They have also built a great culture over the past few years.

Gonzaga? What do you think of them and your first relationship with them?

“It feels good. I mostly talked to their assistant coach, but after the last Adidas tournament, the coach [Mark] Few called me and proposed to me.

Did Julian Strawther, who also dated Liberty and now Gonzaga, make his pitch?

“Yeah actually in my last tournament he texted me and said they really like me and Gonzaga was the hit and stuff like that.”

And the UNLV?

“I’ve been talking to them for a while. My dad played there, so I built a pretty good relationship with them.

Visits, what is planned and what is being prepared?

“I have Houston, Arizona and Florida so far.”

Around when?

“Houston will be at the end of September, and for Arizona and Florida we are still scheduling it.”

Your thoughts on Arizona?

“I’ve been talking to them since last year, so I’ve established a good relationship with them and I like the coaching staff. They also have a very nice campus.

And Florida?

“They actually have an UNLV coach who just left UNLV for Florida. They also have the former San Francisco head coach who was already recruiting me to USF, so I’ve already formed a good relationship with them.

How would you best describe your game?

“A general high IQ ground PG who can control the tempo of a match. Also a leader. I can score pretty well and facilitate too.

How would you like to add or improve your game?

“You just have to get stronger, faster, more explosive, faster and put on more weight.”

James T. Quintero