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Umbro confirmed as new kit supplier
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 10:47 a.m.

City have confirmed that Umbro will be their kit supplier for the next four years.

News that adidas would end their association with the club – their last stint as Blues kit supplier was in 2014 – with Umbro taking over had been widely rumored for several months.

Town’s head of retail operations Paul Macro told the club’s website: “We are delighted to be partnering with Umbro for the coming season and beyond.

“Umbro have excellent credentials creating high quality kits for clubs around the world. We can’t wait to show our fans the eye-catching, bespoke design Umbro have produced for the club.

“We have big ambitions as a club and we know that Umbro will be the perfect partner to support us in pursuing our goals.”

Jonathan McCourt, Head of Sports Marketing – UK Football, Umbro, added: “We are delighted that Ipswich Town are once again sporting the famous double diamond.

“There is so much shared history between Umbro and Ipswich. We hope many more happy memories will be made as we join forces again.

“We look forward to sharing the club’s home and away kits with fans in due course, and we can’t wait to see them don the shirts in a crowded Portman Road next season.”

Umbro, founded in Wilmslow, Cheshire in 1924 and now based in Manchester, previously made Blues strips for most of the 1970s and then from 1989 to 1995, including those worn in the 1991 Second Division Championship season /92 and three subsequent Premier League campaigns. . They will be the main supplier of kits for the women in the city as well as for the men.

The new bespoke kit designs are due to be announced at 10.30am on Thursday, while the Blues have produced a video featuring boxer Fabio Wardley, who is supporting Town, to launch their partnership with Umbro.

Umbro supplies shirts to national teams including the Republic of Ireland and Jamaica, as well as clubs such as West Ham, Brentford, AFC Bournemouth, Burnley, Derby, Huddersfield, Hull City and Shrewsbury.

Photo: ITFC Umbro

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Bazza8564 added 10:53 – June 14

Not the best kept secret and knowing the designs wouldn’t have been my choice, but they’re a UK company and sourcing shouldn’t be that difficult. Hope we get the kit design later

norfsufblue added 10:53 – June 14
Hey you know the old phrase

Double Diamond works wonders!, works wonders, works wonders!
Double Diamond does wonders!, does wonders
So drink it today!

One for all the teens 😉

HighgateBlue added 10:55 – June 14

Didn’t Mick Mills wear Adidas when he lifted the FA Cup in 1978? Confused that Umbro produced our kits throughout the 70’s…

blues1 added 11:01 – June 14

Bazza8564. If you go to umbro’s Facebook page, there’s a short video that shows a preview of what the home kit looks like. Is only a small part of the shirt bothering you..

Phil TWTD added 11:02 – June 14

Maybe the wrong way to put it, they produced them until 1977!

SpiritOfJohn added 11:02 – June 14

Nothing against Umbro but not impressed with “Sir Ralph” on the video subtitles 🙁

Powrigan added 11:08 – June 14

First step back under new ownership. I hope this is not the first of a long series !!!

Linkboy13 added 11:15 – June 14

I don’t think the Adidas kits were very imaginative and a bit predictable. Hopefully Umbro comes up with something that stands out from the rest. The problem with these big companies is that we don’t really have a say in the design of the kit. Didn’t we used to vote for which kit we liked, but that was back in the Punch days I remember.

Taricco_Fan added 11:24 – June 14

I’m happy with that. An English kit supplier with whom we have a history. Although I liked the Adidas kits, they were a bit predictable.

tractorlad01 added 11:27 – June 14

Really not a fan of Umbro, quite disappointing.

Powrigan added 11:29 – June 14

Sorry to disappoint you, but Umbro hasn’t been English for a long time.

ArnieM added 11:37 – June 14

….. and the kit looks like ???

brendenward35 added 11:45 – June 14

The club are there to make money and if they can buy Umbro cheaper and make more money, that makes sense. Delivery times could also be guaranteed and the club struggled to get supplies last season. I’m sure there’s a good reason behind this change.

blues1 added 11:48 – June 14

Powrigan yes, it’s English. Made in Manchester

Powrigan added 11:51 – June 14
Umbro is now a subsidiary of an American company, see below for manufacturing

The company no longer has manufacturing facilities, but sources its products from independent manufacturers, primarily located in China, Vietnam and Thailand. As a result, Umbro is now primarily a design and licensing company.

blues1 added 11:53 – June 14

Linkboy13. The thing about umbro is that the club has a say in the design of the kit. Something Ashton commented on when he said we canceled the contract with Adidas.

blues1 added 11:53 – June 14

Linkboy13. The thing about umbro is that the club has a say in the design of the kit. Something Ashton commented on when he said we canceled the contract with Adidas.

fat boy added 11:55 – June 14

Don’t forget Brentford 😉

lightning boy added 12:02 – June 14

As long as the shirt is blue (no white sleeves please) and the shorts are white/blue socks.

blues1 added 12:11 – June 14

Powrigan. go to the umbro website. Headquarters, Manchester, England. It does not matter if it is a subsidiary of another company. Still based here.
So the fans have nothing to complain about when it comes to football so they have to find something else to be negative about? And haven’t even seen the kit yet.

keighleyblue added 12:25 – June 14

Until we go back to the days of Punch where we didn’t look like we were in the league…

TractorFactorSteve added 12:26 – June 14

Blue (royal) shirts with white sleeves, white shorts and blue and white ring stockings. The good twtds, especially the low ones.

ArnieM added 12:38 – June 14


Rimsy added 12:43 – June 14

Like the fact that it will be a bespoke design, rather than a generic one. Looks like a black kit, judging by the photo.

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