Zalora has a new “Supermart” pop-up store with exclusive Adidas products

The Zalora supermarket

So you accidentally went ham online and bought a mountain of clothes. But when your mail arrives, the jeans don’t fit and the white top is actually beige.

We understand: shopping online can be a hit or a miss. That’s why we bring you good news. There’s a pop-up shop in town that lets you try on gear IRL, add it to your cart via your phone, sleep on it, and place an order online later. To encounter The Zalora supermarket.

Shop exclusive adidas goodies

adidas fans and stands go treat yourself because the shelves of this pop-up are filled with 90 Zalora Exclusive 3 stripe brand products.

Located in Bugis Junction, The Supermart offers clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Between shorts, t-shirts, hats and shoes, you could get lost in the fitting room for hours. And that’s okay, because you’d want to make sure your adapt fits like a glove and won’t clog or give you camel toes.

supermart zalora

To add your chosen items to your cart, simply use your phone to scan the QR code found there. Very easy.

supermart zalora

After that, you will have the option to place your order immediately or check it at home.

Slimited edition staples and collectibles

The road to self-control at the Supermart is about to get really tough now that there’s gifts involved.


In order to ensure a adicolor Festival bagall you have to do is pass a min $90 on adidas products at the pop-up store and this sporty bag is yours.

adidas-zaloraThe foil bag looks like tea leaf bags.

It will also be packaged in an original foil pouch designed by a local artist Hoon Jiling.


If you watched the Essentials Logo Tee forever but its price scares you, there is a way to get it for free. Just let it go at least $150 on adidas products at the Supermart.

adidas-singaporeThe box design is inspired by our familiar food tray.

These t-shirts will also be packaged in unique bento kits designed by a visual engineer Eman Raharno Jeman.


For those still riding the bucket hat wave, grab one ASAP without dropping a dime at the pop-up store. You will need to hit a minimum spend of $200 on adidas products but we believe that a free adicolor Clover Bucket Hat worth it.

tin can

Not to mention that the hat comes in a chio tin can with paper packaging illustrated by the famous illustrator Tiffany Tan.

*Orders are not returnable or exchangeable and must include only Adidas products and at least 1 item from the zalora rangeXadidas.

Get a $500 adidas gift card

We almost never miss an opportunity to get free stuff. But when that gift turns out to be a thic $500 adidas gift cardthen you can bet your last dollar that we’ll be there with bells.


To take home this grand prize, you’ll need to guess the correct total price of the items in the shopping cart which is on display at the Supermart. Then follow these steps to submit your response:

  1. Follow @zalora on Instagram.
  2. Take a picture of the basket on the display window.
  3. Post the photo to your IG story with your reply and tag @zalora and the hashtag #zaloraXadidas.

I’m not going to lie, adidas fans will probably post, tag and repost like it’s nobody’s business. That’s why it helps if you show up to the event early and bring your A-game to capture the most creative shot.

Visit the Zalora Supermarket

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a big adidas fan or not. TheA host of freebies and even a $500 gift card await you at The Supermart by Zalora. And it would be a crime to miss this pop-up event.


The supermarket is running now until August 12 so be sure to clear your calendar and check it before it ends. Even if you’re still in money-saving mode, the futuristic store concept that looks like a grocery store will make for great photo ops.

Discover the Zalora Supermart

Address: 200 Victoria Street, #02-10B, Singapore 188021
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, daily

This message was brought to you by Zalora.
Photography by Alastair Pang.

James T. Quintero